Why Danem People?

Inside Sector Knowledge

Our recruiters only operate within niche engineering sectors. This means that they become an “expert” in their field. Understanding which companies are hiring, what the average salaries are for different geographical regions, who is winning business, who is losing business and importantly build strong relationships with people in order to develop a potential passive candidate pipeline.

Time Saving Solution 

A recruiter will save you time in the overall recruitment process. We remove all the administration including handling and responding to the numerous applications that are received by email and remove the continuing telephone enquiries and industry related sales calls that a direct employer will receive. Further time management savings are made via using a recruitment consultancy when it comes to candidate vetting and reference checking, arranging first and second interviews and were applicable, CRB or security checks.

Advertising Costs Reduction

Danem People covers some of the advertising costs associated with filling your vacancy. Where applicable we can advertise on relevant trade magazines, online job boards, local and national press along with more social media methods such as Linkedin, Google Adwords and Facebook

Quality over Quantity

By using a recruiter you will only see candidates and not applicants. By this we mean that every CV that a recruiter sends to you will have been vetted, interviewed and measured against the job specification provided. Only candidates reaching the agreed level of ability, experience and qualifications will be put in front of you. This will not only save you time but vastly improve the candidates’ views of your recruitment process and ultimately your company.

Recruitment Budget Control

Recruiting, no matter what method you use is expensive and getting it wrong is even more expensive. Any potential fee is clearly outlined before the search starts so that you are aware of the total cost at the very start. You have no hidden costs, no re-advertising costs and most importantly, you only pay if the service delivers.

Advanced search

By using a recruitment agency you are in fact broadening your candidate search to cover all areas. A good recruitment firm like Danem People will always advertise your position across a network of online social media, plus search extensive CV databases for suitable candidates. The recruiter will also go that bit further in proactively approaching passive candidates wherever possible. It's good to remember that in most cases the best candidates are already employed and hidden away from the job market. It is the skill of a good recruiter to be able to see these candidates and better still, communicate with them about future career opportunities.

“The cost of making the wrong hire can be between 3 and 5 times an employee’s annual salary”

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