Staying In Front of Tech Recruitment

Working within an industry that is in in constant movement means it’s not easy being a tech recruiter

The world of technology is a world in perpetual motion; it never stops to take a breather, it never slows down to admire what it has achieved – what is new today could be almost antiquated by this time next year. The brief of the tech recruitment consultant is unlike any other in the field of recruitment; with the boundaries of what you need to know forever expanding the pressure is on to continuously learn the job as you go along. Think of technology and IT recruitment as the giant boulder chasing Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark: you either stay in front of it or it rolls right over you!

The wheels of progress keep turning and the world of tech keeps producing modern miracles. Consider for example the time we as a species have spent on this planet; from when Homo sapiens first appeared we had to wait about 200,000 years for the invention of the telephone and the phonograph (1876 & 1877 respectively), less than 150 years later we listen to our music on our phones – now that is progress!

Moore’s Law has been holding true now for more than half a century since his famous article for Electronics Magazine. Written in 1965, Gordon Moore predicted the coming of much of the technology that we take for granted today, such as mobile phones and personal computers, as well as wizardry that we are on the threshold of like self-driving cars. We are entering a Jetsons age that, at the time, was beyond the average person’s imagination or expectation, yet here we are.

Moore proposed that all the wonderful technological advancements would be made possible due to increases in the processing power of computers. This was, he told us, because the amount of transistors that could be placed on a silicon chip would double every year. Although he later revised this to doubling every two years, he was not far off the mark and so it remains. As processing power grows, so does what we can achieve with it.

The modern recruitment consultant has to know what they are talking about when in conversation with both clients and industry professionals looking for the next step on their career path. That means they have to keep abreast of developments within their industry and the problem with tech and IT is, as mentioned, it is constantly in flux.

The other difficulty is making sure the candidate they are introducing to a prospective employer has qualifications, skills and knowledge that are up to date; it can sour so quickly. Fortunately Danem People has built a reputation on the quality of the consultants employed there. It is no accident or stroke of luck that they are the most important and influential recruitment partners in this fast paced and ever-evolving industry. The consultants are specialists in their field and have up to the minute knowledge of developments and advancements as they happen giving them the edge as they advise clients and candidates alike on what is needed to take the next step (or should that be leap?) in the tech industry.

Danem People is recognised as one of the most well respected and influential engineering & technology recruitment consultancies in the UK, across Europe and around the world. If you are looking for the best and brightest talent available then Danem People should be your first port of call.

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Tuesday May 1, 2018
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