Permanent Recruitment

Permanent Recruitment is not just a case of matching a candidates CV and technical experiences to a job description. It is about finding the most talented individual available who holds the correct knowledge and experience along with holding the same cultural aspirations, approach to work and ethical views as the employing company.

At Danem People, the permanent recruitment approach is about partnership and understanding what you as an employer are about in terms of business goals, culture and working environment.

Our process for each recruitment assignment is one of understanding and partnership. Each of our recruiters will ensure that they are fully briefed before undertaking any assignment and then proactively and effectively start to identify the best available talent. 

The advantages of using a technical & engineering recruitment agency like us as far outweigh any potential costs. It is important to remember that the contingency recruitment services that we offer are based on success only.

By that we mean it is totally free to register a vacancy with ourselves, free to receive CV’s from us and even free to interview any candidates that we have recommended. We only look to charge a fee should you actually hire someone that we have introduced to you.

Even then we provide a guarantee period based over 12 weeks where we provide a refund should things fail to work out with your chosen hire for whatever reason.

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