Technical Director

Oil & Gas
£70,000 to £120,000 Per Annum
Le Havre
Contract Type:


  • Implement the research and development activities of our client's industrial processes or those managed by our client relating to their activity, in accordance with the objectives defined by the General Management.
  • Supervise all our client's technical operations (installations on oil refinery sites across the world) in accordance with the objectives defined by General Management.
  • Provide technical, process and technology expertise to our client's various stakeholders.




1.     Development activities:

  • Ensure the improvement and technological development of our customer's processes and products or those managed by our customer by undertaking the following:


-       Conducting or supervising the technical studies necessary to improve and make reliable the interventions and equipment sold,

-       Proposing to the management technical work strategies suitable to develop our client's business and respond to the identification of client needs (diversification)

-       Evaluating and proposing new processes, implementing new licenses,

-       Organizing and ensuring the technological monitoring of our client.

-       Organizing the management of our client's patents and trademarks.


  • Provide expertise and technical assistance at various levels for each key stage as per below:


-       Organising and preparing onsite (oil refinery) installations with the field technicians’ team.

-       Assisting sales department for the preparation of bids/tenders.

-       Providing technical responses to their clients (oil refineries worldwide).

-       Designing, Manufacturing and/or sourcing appropriate tools and equipment’s necessary to conduct onsite installations (oil refineries worldwide).

-       Monitoring the required data in order to claim for "Research Tax Credit" to the French & EU governments


  • Coordinate and organize all the technical activities of our client's various businesses. As such he is in charge of:


>Technical data.


>Required calculations for technical support and processes.

>Sizing of equipment and processes.

>Various technical and scientific committees.


  • Capitalize on feedbacks and return of experience from internal/external onsite technicians. Disseminate technical information to stakeholders.
  • Validate, if necessary, the expert reports drawn up by the technicians after customer interventions.
  • Exploit and propose all the technical tools necessary for each installation (e.g. catalyst files).
  • Possibly make technical (commercial oriented) presentations of the various processes managed by the company to customers.
  • Participate whenever possible in the promotion of our client's service offers
  • Coordinate and organize the technical training and accreditation of our client's staff.


2.     Worksites :

  • Supervise and coordinate construction site activities of our client's various entities with the support of each heads of subsidiaries and our client's operations managers in France and abroad. He is the guarantor of the technical progress of the worksites.
  • Exceptionally, to carry out technical assistance missions for certain processes managed by our client on refining, chemical and petrochemical sites in collaboration with service companies.
  • Participate in projects around the world requiring special technical expertise.
  • Establish the technical reports of the intervention of the works carried out, given to the client and distributed internally.
  • To follow all the training necessary for his function and to obtain the qualifications required to carry out technical missions.
  • Participate in the qualification process of certified operators through "field" training for the processes on which they are authorized.


Hierarchical dependence

  • He/she is placed under the authority of the General Manager.


Involvement in the Quality process 

  • Responsible for the establishment and development of intervention procedures for the various catalytic processes in order to standardize interventions.
  • Provide technical expertise in the handling of customer complaints.


Involvement in the HSE approach

  • Act in accordance with procedures to ensure his or her safety and that of others.
  • Complete all necessary training for safety intervention on refinery sites.
  • Participate in the prevention plans of the sites where it operates.


Location Le Havre, France



  • Salary package between 70 and 120k € depending on experience.
  • More advantages according to our client's HR policy.


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