Hardware Embedded Engineer

£25,000 to £40,000 Per Annum
Pension, Holidays, Benefits
Port Talbot
Contract Type:
Full Time

The Hardware Embedded Engineer will be fully immersed in the full development lifecycle of the project, working through all stages of project development from cradle to grave.

The successful candidate must have strong experience in hardware, low power devices, be familiar with embedded software/firmware development in C, and with wireless networking communications. You must also have knowledge of hardware components.

You will ideally have experience with RF based communications and be familiar with development environments, as well as have a track record of working with many microprocessors including STM32 ARM processors and be well versed with PCB Layout, Schematics and Embedded System Design.

Your focus would lie in collaborating on concepts and developing electronic products with the primary view/focus being on ARM Microcontroller; Wireless communication; Low-power; connection of sensors; and embedded systems. Responsibilities include the building of prototypes; the creation of layouts; maintenance of component libraries; and developing products.

Key Responsibilities and Duties:
• Involvement in the full project lifecycle DFM for new project work from initial design/development to product release
• Prepare design documentation and specifications, help plan and create the hardware system infrastructure
• Design/develop hardware products, test plans, undertake full testing of all developments prior to release
• Identify bottlenecks, bugs and troubleshoot to devise solutions to product problems
• Producing fully completed PCB designs from specifications, creating/modifying schematics/netlists
• Symbol & footprint creation to IPC standards

Qualifications and Skills:
• Minimum 2nd class degree in Electronic Engineering or able to provide evidence of operating at an equivalent level of knowledge and understanding
• Experience in schematics / board PCB layout design i.e. Altium. Including SMT, PTH and multi-layer layout
• PCB Design practical experience: 3 - 5 years desirable
• Proven experience in embedded systems design; digital, analogue and RF circuit design
• Exposure to Product Life Cycle and Embedded Software Development methodologies
• Development for an embedded system (ARM/other microcontrollers, processors, DSP)
• Use of development and debugging tools in an embedded system (e.g. JTAG)
• Familiarity with interfacing to serial ports, A/D and D/A converters, RAM/Flash memories, and other digital electronics
• Knowledge and some experience with Wireless communication standards and protocols, e.g. 6LoWPAN, LoRA, ZIGBEE based embedded solutions

Key Requirements:
• Experience in taking products through the certification process (CE/FCC, Bluetooth, etc.)
• Experience in taking products from development to mass production including version control
• Obtain, develop and maintain all relevant product design and technical documentation
• The ability to integrate wireless modules such as WiFi, BLE, GSM and GPS into hardware
• Good Embedded Microprocessor and Microcontroller design (ARM/Intel)
• Good understanding of C/C++ software design
• Good problem-solving and creative, solution-building skills
• Design optimisation for EMI/RFI, thermal performance
• Experience with EMC and LVD testing; EN 61326, EN 61010, EN 60601 and EN 60950 for example.
• Experience with hardware verification and validation
• Good communication skills (spoken and written) and the ability to collaborate in small teams

Desirable requirements:
• Embedded C/C++ programming abilities would be an advantage
• Digital serial communications, SPI, ADC, DAC, logic and memory device interfaces
• R/F circuit design would be an advantage
• Certified Interconnect Designer (CID or CID+)
• Understanding of sensor technology
• Experience in working with radio frequencies and knowledge of their designs, and test equipment usage.
• Experience in working on low power electronics
• Working knowledge of IoT protocols, such as TCP/IP, HTTP, and MQTT
• Experience with ARM Cortex M series processors
• Independent; team player, flexible and enjoys technical challenges
• Creative in finding solutions and a good understanding of technology

To be considered for this role the candidate should demonstrate strong communication and collaboration skills, a good level of attention to detail with an open mindset and willingness to work on projects that might be outside of their comfort zone.

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