Aeronautical Engineer (South Wales)

Aerospace & Aviation
£32,000 to £45,000 Per Annum
Pension, Bank holidays
Contract Type:

Main duties:

- Coordinate the ongoing efforts to resolve a communications problem with the ARC201D that currently requires Apache aircrew to re-set circuit breakers whilst in flight on operations.

- Deal with all technical queries and faults with the Apache radio systems, data managements systems, multipurpose displays, aircraft intercom, cryptographic devices, navigation    systems, flight management systems, pitot static systems, standby instruments and airborne HUMS/EVADR.

- Manage the ARC201D repair and overhaul contract for the radios, which involves producing a business case to cover the provisioning of essential spares.

- Make preparations for the ARC232 SATURN radio support contract to transition from AC PT to Apache PT at the end of this year.

- Assist with the wider team requirement to support the technical query system, thereby ensuring that the front-line command receive timely engineering advice and support.

- Produce business cases for out-of scope tasks and manage these to a successful conclusion.

- Assist with the quarterly review of CIETP amendments, relevant support policy statements and general orders. Previous Apache avionics experience would be desirable. 

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